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2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Sunday, December 22, 2019
Norman Dean Home for Services, Inc.
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Denville, New Jersey, United States

Obituary of John Philip Montuori

John Montuori passed peacefully on December 16, 2019, surrounded by his adoring family.   He was just 71 years old and certainly did it his way.  A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Monday, December 23rd  at 10 am at St. Mary’s Church, Denville.  Visitation will be held on Sunday, Dec. 22nd from 2-4 & 7-9 pm at the Norman Dean Home For Services, 16 Righter Ave. Denville.  Donations in his name may be made to the good work of Gift of Life, NJ by way of 


Okay, let’s cut to it:  our Dad was a bad ass.  He entered this world in an ice storm on March 12, 1948.  He was the baby of the household and clearly  the rebellious one.  As a young upstart, he stole a car to drive to Florida. He smoked cigarettes. The local police could find his front door with their eyes closed.  After his schooling, he enlisted into the US Army and was shipped to Vietnam.  Like most young men there, he was scared shitless every day.  Upon his honorable discharge he came back home and was celebrating in a bar.  There were some women there celebrating as well.  Our Dad loved beautiful women.  He fell in love with one of them: Barbara Della Vecchia,  and on August 19, 1973, the Summit PD arrived at their wedding and thanked Mom for taking him out of town. 


Our folks made their life in Madison.  Dad worked his ass off as an electrical contractor (Wired Electric) to ensure that we had a beautiful and blessed life.  We wanted for nothing and always had everything, mostly love.  In Dad’s words - whenever we questioned something the answer was always “because I love you”.  That got old quickly in our teenage years when we weren’t allowed to go somewhere or do something.  But in the end, as it should be, Dad was always right.  We are three “good” kids.  And we owe him so much for that.  We love our family, we work hard and we always do the right thing.  He made sure we always got right to it and never beat around the bush.  Frankly, we were scared to death of him, in the very best way.  It worked.  We respected him and he us. He was the coolest and everyone who knew him thought so. 


Dad made our lives beautiful.  Yes, there was constant construction and dust and torn down walls, but all in the name of creating the perfect home.  And then- he’d sell it and do it all again.  Because of him, we drive our spouses batty with continual renovations and upgrades.  Every time we finish a project, we know Dad is proud.  When other kids were riding bikes, we were splicing wires. 


Our Dad had a gigantic heart and was larger than life.  He was abrasive and rough, deliberate and often unfiltered.  If you knew him, you knew you should be scared of what might come out of his mouth.  But…he was never wrong.  Sometimes, the truth hurts. 


On the flip side- he was full of compassion for others.  He helped so many people in this world and would give anything and do anything for you.  He was generous and loving and had a way about him to change any situation into a good one.  He was gold.  


Dad had three huge accomplishments in this life.  They were called Brian, Amy & Becky.  He was the absolute proudest and boastful Dad any kid could want.   We would go places and people already “knew” us.  He’d say “I have an artist, a school teacher and a funeral director”.  He loved seeing Brian’s art and all his new tattoos.  He loved how Amy had an amazing ability to reach all of her students.  He couldn’t handle the funeral stories though.  The topic always changed quickly…. He knew we are all doing exactly what we should be and are making our mark.  #prouddad


The best gift Dad has ever received were his two grandsons.  Hudson and Walker lit up his life.  “Peepa” was the coolest and used words that only little boys could giggle over for hours! We can’t publish them here, but they will never forget their Peepa.  That much is certain. 


Some years ago, Dad's good luck introduced him to Terry Arleo.    She was a great fit for him and they tooled around happily.  He loved taking care of her and her kindness certainly matched his.  With Terry, came her two loving children, Joey & Joanna.  Thank you all for loving our Dad.


Dad was the fun Uncle, the trouble maker, the favorite.  He has been blessed with so many dear family and friends; especially his adoring Aunt Carmela Di Parisi and his sister Etta Rosa.  He was also blessed with two son in laws who love and respect his daughters and him to the ends of the earth.  Amy and I would like to thank Brian and JJ for everything you have done for our Dad and for our family.  xoxoxo


Last night, in an ice storm, Dad made his exit.  It was peaceful and beautiful and we could want nothing more for this amazing man.  We will laugh often as we imitate his voice and share ridiculous stories that some would say are BS.  There was no BS about John Montuori. 


Thank you Dad. Thank you for everything.


Love Brian “the Bear”, Amy “the apple that doesn’t fall far” and Becky “Cheeks”



Brian Montuori, Amy Keveanos & Rebecca Romanowsky 

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