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Items to bring when preplanning your services
Additional Items to Think About

We encourage people to come talk with us about preplanning for their funeral (or that of a family member) so we can explain the different options that are available.  This meeting with a funeral director gives the family members the opportunity to ask questions, gather information, and explore their options. By preplanning there is less pressure to make decisions immediately, allowing information to be processed and assessed when people are in a better state of mind.  This meeting can be as long as necessary to answer any questions that arise, and is often followed by another meeting “down the road” to ask more questions, or firm up arrangements.  There is no charge for these meetings. They simply begin a dialogue between family members and a funeral director for informational purposes.

Anything that is decided upon during a prearrangement can be changed or cancelled at any time. We want to help families arrange a funeral that is special and appropriate for their loved one.  We prefer to make prearrangements by appointment as this ensures we alot enough time to address all your concerns. Please call our office at 973-627-1880 to schedule a meeting with a funeral director. 

For people who are interested in preplanning and prepaying for a funeral, we are associated with the New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund.  All money that is prepaid for funeral expenses is made out to the New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund and is 100% trusted, which means that the funeral home cannot use the money prior to your death. Any interest that is accrued in a Revocable Trust Fund belongs to the family.  Please visit the New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund website for specific details or feel free to call our office. Remember, we do not charge for this.

One way we help the families in our community is by guiding them through the process of preplanning funeral services, cremation services, or body donation. We are here to help you gather information and make decisions that best suit your individual needs and wishes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to sit down and discuss preplanning a funeral.


What are the benefits of preplanning a funeral?
Preplanning allows you the chance to gather your thoughts and make decisions at a time when you are less likely to be overwhelmed emotionally. It allows your wishes to be communicated so that when the time comes, your loved ones are not left to wonder what you may have wanted. We encourage you to start a dialogue with your family, and perhaps even ask them to join you in meeting with us. There is no charge for this process. It is simply our way of helping educate our community about all the options available when it comes to planning your final tribute.

What information will I need to bring?  What topics will we discuss?
Your funeral director will be able to guide you in making decisions regarding the details of your services. The types of services you would like, the merchandise needed for those services, and all costs involved will be clearly explained. You will also discuss obituary notices, social security and veteran’s benefits. You can address any special requests you may have, and our staff will answer all your questions.

Is my money safe?
The law requires that 100% of the money paid towards future funeral costs be placed in a revocable trust. Norman Dean Home for Services places 100% of any money we receive for prepayment in the NJ Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund. This means your money remains your own, can be withdrawn at any time, or even used at a different funeral home. The exception is an “Irrevocable Trust”, which as a requirement of Medicaid cannot be withdrawn until the recipient has died. We can also discuss your options regarding the assignment of existing insurance policies, as well.

Do I need to prepay for these arrangements?  How much will it cost?
One of the benefits of preplanning is that you can do as little or as much as you would like. There is no pressure to complete all components at once and you can work at your own pace. Once you have made your selections and discussed with our staff your individual circumstances, you can decide if prepayment will be beneficial to you. We don’t always encourage prepayment, but if you are working with Medicaid, prepayment is a requirement.

Because funerals are unique to each individual, there is no easy way to determine costs until you have gone over each aspect of the services with our staff.  You will be given an itemized price list and an itemized price estimate which you can take with you when the arrangements are complete.

Again, we encourage you to meet with our staff and discuss all these topics at length. There is no cost to you and this informational meeting does not obligate you to use our funeral home in any way. We simply believe it is our responsibility to consumers to make sure they are educated about all the options and choices surrounding a very personal and important decision.

Items to bring when preplanning your services:

  • Completed Personal Information Form
  • Cemetery Deed
  • DD-214 (Military Discharge Form)
  • Power of Attorney Paperwork
  • Life Insurance Policy Information (when Life Insurance will be used)

Additional Items to Think About
We will cover any aspects of the service that you wish. The following are some items that you may not necessarily “prearrange”, but they are important to give some thought to:

  • Flowers (the type and if you prefer a particular florist)
  • Repast (If you would like a gathering before or after the services, where and what type)
  • Clothing (Including undergarments)
  • Photos to be displayed
  • Any personal touches/items to celebrate those things that are important to you
  • Headstone or monument preferences