Virginia McCarthy

Obituary of Virginia McCarthy

"The Force will be with you. Always." - Obi Wan Kenobi

With heavy hearts we share the passing of Virginia McCarthy.  Virginia passed away suddenly at home on May 27, 2020 of natural causes.

Please keep Virginia, her family and her friends in your prayers.  

Virginia McCarthy spent 14 joyous years here with us making all of our lives better. She was our daughter, our granddaughter, our friend, our athlete, our writer, our everything. She is and will be missed beyond measure for the rest of our days. We ask that you keep her spirit alive in every act you do - play your hardest, be your kindest, love each other.

Virginia was born on November 27, 2005, just three days after Thanksgiving. This blessing gave us everything to be thankful for. She has been a student in Denville schools since entering kindergarten. Virginia was rich with dear friends, dedicated coaches and a community of caring. All of this on top of two loving parents has equaled a rich life.

Virginia played for HUB soccer, Denville PAL basketball and ran with the Denville Striders. She was an exceptional and dedicated athlete. And she was always a good sport.

Virginia was a creative writer and this was certainly in her future. She was good with words and her beautiful mind stayed creative and smart always. Those who have read her works certainly noted her sharp young mind.

Virginia was an active and beloved member of her church, Church of The Saviour. She was a reader and an acolyte. She was in the Rite 13 program and donated some of her time to volunteer projects within the parish. While being raised as a Christian she was open to the broader view of spirituality in it's many forms.

Virginia was an amazing friend. She always did the right thing and considered the feelings of others.

Virginia loved her phone and Oreo cookies. She had a playful personality including funny faces and making humorous videos. She loved her pups Mia, Charlotte and Loki, her cat Alfred and her bird Aqua. She loved walking through town and scoring a playa bowl or hanging out with her friends. She loved giggling and having sleepovers. She, like every other 14 year old this year missed her friends, her teachers, her 8th grade graduation and trips that would never happen.

She loved Star Wars and fantasy worlds. The idea of being able to escape to a different place was very cool. She enjoyed the Outer Banks, the Hunger Games and Minecraft. She was fortunate to go on some amazing adventures with her parents all over the world.

Virginia was charitable and believed that every child should have the same opportunity and access to education, health care and nutrition. We ask that you consider a donation in her memory to the Newark Public School District for this purpose by way of

She leaves only beautiful memories to her Mom and Dad Anne Vogt and Tim McCarthy; her grandparents Opa in Germany and Grandma and Paw Paw in Missouri, her aunts and uncles and so many dear friends, teammates, neighbors and acquaintances.

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