November 24, 2020

Please send family and friends directly to!

It has come to our attention that there are now companies (Echovita and, for example) that “aggregate” online obituaries from around the Internet and, if your family or friends search for “your-loved-one’s-name obituary”, they very well could end up on the web site of one of these such companies rather than on

Why it matters...

We have found that some of these web sites encourage you to “Light a Candle” in memory of a loved one, and charge you for that “service”, while the family of the departed may never see the candle or be notified that it has been posted. They even charge a higher fee to display the candle longer than a week! They might also encourage you to buy flowers, “plant a tree” or make other purchases.

At there is never any charge for posting a candle, and candles will remain on our web site indefinitely! If the family has provided us with an e-mail address, we will also notify them of any candles that have been posted.

Further, while we provide links to local florists or other gift options as a service to our families who might choose to buy these things, we are not “encouraging” anyone to buy flowers or other items and we receive no money from any such purchases. (If you do choose to buy flowers or other gifts, we can say that generally speaking, those who deal with the local shops we link to have been very happy with the service they receive. There is great incentive for these shops to provide good service, as we would be inclined to remove links to any business if we became aware of repeated customer satisfaction issues.)

Please advise your family and friends to come directly to where they can easily find your loved one’s obituary by entering their name in the search box on our home page. You can know that you are on our web site if the URL begins with You will also see the Norman Dean banner at the top of every page.