Mike's notes - July 2019

I originally remember the Grief Support Portal being a web page addon for an annual charge of $600-some.

Several times since we've added it, I have gone on to the page only to find it non-functional in one way or another. The first time, I contacted Funeral Tech only to be told we had not paid for it recently. I don't recall the resolution, but the page was fixed.

Earlier this year I again found the page to be non-functional. After discussing the issue with Tom, Dave and Courtney, it was agreed that I would remove our links to the page, and see if any of our sites visitors complained that they missed it. If not, I would remove the page completely.

More than a month after I'd removed the links, we hadn't received any complaints about the page being gone. I contacted "Josh" at Funeral Tech to inquire as to the current status of the add-on (when was it last paid? do we have unpaid time left on it? etc.) and to ask that it be removed. Josh did not initially seem very familiar with the portal, indicating that it was an add-on from an outside company. When I told him we'd had not contact from the outside company and that this add-on had been sold to us directly from Funeral Tech, he promised to look further into it. When he returned he said that the add-on only required a one-time payment (which we had paid) and that we could continue to use the portal for as long as we wished.

As I believe the portal is presently functioning properly, I have reestablished its links and reincorporated it into our web site. As long as it is functioning it does seem that it adds value to our web site.