How fonts are used on this web site as of going live... 2/2015

Final font set requested after earlier font problems (fonts displaying differently on different platforms) was to follow fonts used by Amazon (figuring they design their site for best readability.) While the final fonts set by FTch do not appear to match that (a quick browse of an Amazon page seems to indicate ARIAL, HELVETICA, SANS-SERIF) they do seem to appear the same across several observed platforms. As such, I am leaving the defaults as set and formatting the pages for better appearance as follows:

  1. ARIAL for all hyperlinks
  2. VERDANA "default size" for most content (If font size shows 16, for example, choose size 16 again to de-select it! Default size actually sits between 16 & 18, though 17 is not an option)
  3. default font "HEADING 3" centered for main headings/headlines
  4. default font for "Related Links:" title on appropriate pages

Note: as seen immediately above, bullets in front of bulleted lists cannot be changed from the default font.

To change font back to
default, turn the chosen font back off. For example, select text--Font--Arial to turn Arial on for that text, then, select text--Font--Arial again to turn Arial back off (reverting to the default font) for that text.

Exceptions can be made where desirable. For example:

  • "Directions" on the Map & Directions page have been set to Arial instead of Verdana as Arial takes up less space and as such will be more convenient for people to print out if they choose.
  • Frequently Asked Questions under the About Burial and About Cremation sections are also set in Arial to help signify that these are lists of sorts.
  • Pages comprised of an entire list have also been set to Arial. Examples of this would be Local Hotels, Florists, and Monument Dealers

Finally, be aware that I have not yet taken the time to format the fonts according to the above rules on any pages that are currently hidden (except for the current page.) Any such pages should have these rules applied before going live.